Portable Indoor Pest Defender, Pest Reject for Mosquito, Rodent,Anti, Cockroach

Portable Indoor Pest Defender, Pest Reject for Mosquito, Rodent,Anti, Cockroach

Model No.︰UC-0626

Brand Name︰OEM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰500 pc

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Product Description

  • ❤ 2019 NEW GENERATION ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller uses the latest ADVANCED DUAL-CHIP TECHNOLOGY to drive away most types of flying and crawling pests such as mosquitoes, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, fleas, ants, fruit flies, etc. The dual ultrasonic and electromagnetic chips work simultaneously to disorientate the hearing and nervous system of pests to quickly and powerfully drive them away.
  • ❤ SAFE FOR HUMANS AND PETS: The ultrasonic frequency is inaudible to humans and pets, it is animal-friendly, environmental-friendly, and safe for children. Unlike other pest control ultrasonic repellent, the unit of pest reject ultrasonic repeller minimizes human contact with disease-bearing pests and won't leave nasty dead insects or behind rodents for you to deal with. Non-Toxic & Chemical Free, the ultrasonic pest repeller is 100% guaranteed safe for your family members and pets.
  • ❤ EASY TO USE & EFFECTIVE: Please install our ultrasonic pest repellent at 10-30 inches away from the floor. Just plug the unit of electronic pest repeller into a socket and let it do the rest. Most rodent repellers ultrasonic drive pests into attics and walls. Our ADVANCED electromagnetic pest repeller drives pests OUT of WALLS, ATTICS and FLOORS - then out the door so you can finally relax!
  • ❤ LARGE COVERAGE AREA: The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller covers an indoor area up to 1200 sq. ft per device. We recommend that you install one unit of ultrasonic pest repellent per room for the best results. Additional units of pest control ultrasonic repellent are recommended for larger storage areas or serious problem areas.
  • Product Specifications:
  • 1.Color: White
  • 2.Frequency Range: 22 KHz~65KHz
  • 3.Input Voltage: AC90V~250V / 50~60HZ
  • 4.Power: 5~6W
  • 5.Effective Range: 800~1200 Square Feet
  • 6.Installation Height: 30 inches from the ground
  • 7.Operating Temperature Range : 33-104℉ 

Payment Terms︰ T/T, / LC

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